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Runy Calmera
Trainer, coach for policy advisors Small Island Development States.

I’m a trainer and coach in Economic Policy Analysis and Project Management in Small Island Economies.

I live in a Small Island Development State, Curacao, just like you.

My mission is to train and coach you to become an expert in macro economic analysis and policy implementation. So you can help your people get ahead and get the best out of their lives.  We can do this by focusing on how to create great policy notes, manage great projects and be on the top of all the projects on your desk. You will be seen as the expert in your field so you get a better paycheck and feel on top of the game.

You can then manage your career and spend more time with your family. Whether you later on move to become a manager or decide to start your own business like I did, that’s your own choice. That is the journey I want to start with you.

How did I get to this mission?

Let me tell you my story

As a professional in the small island economy of Curaçao in the Caribbean, I use the most modern smart internet technology in my business and my Masterclasses to run many projects. My life is easy and I get my deadlines and complete my projects. My life has not always been like this.

Data all scattered over the place

At the beginning of my career at the Department of Economic Affairs my business life was like this:

  • Most important economic data was scattered all over the place
  • Several spreadsheets with economic data in several departments
  • Many projects with competing deadlines
  • Many stakeholders without a common view
  • A dynamic and stressful environment
  • Long working hours, several competing priorities and deadlines, making a lot of mistakes, and feeling you are out of control, lost. How could this be? I had my Masters in Economics, didn’t I?
I had to do my research in this environment for a while and produce my reports. Staying at work late, trying to reach the deadlines. Taking work home in the weekend and not keeping promises to my loved ones.
This could not continue. Otherwise, I wouldn’t make it. I would live to work and not work to live.
A system of analysis for Small Island Economies
Then  I met my trainer, who just got his PHD in how to make a  macro model for a small island economy. He studied the economy of Suriname in the Caribbean, built the National Accounts from scratch. After four years he made a first version of a macro economic model for the small economy of Surname, in a spreadsheet.
I was lucky to meet him. He had lot’s of experience and coached me and trained me. We implemented an economic spreadsheet macro model for Curacao. It was a set of organized data about the economy. With clear definitions, equations, a table of key indicators. You get an overview. You could run scenario’s and monitor the data. I received training on the job in how to make economic analysis, how to organize my data and how to write and present complex policy notes and presentations and to advise management.
That changed my life life. Why?
Communication with stakeholders
Within 6 months I started seeing results. I was on top of the data, on top of what happened in the economy and my stakeholders were happy. Not only my Minister of Economic Development read my 4 pages policy research notes, but also other ministers like the Minister of Finance started asking for our advise and I had to show up in his meetings. We got a lot of new policy research requests. I was involved in many policy projects. Without a hassle, without stress, meeting all the deadlines.
I starting giving workshops, sharing my knowledge about several topics on the Policy Agenda to the Labour unions, the Social Economic Council, the Chamber of Commerce, to the teachers, to the Ministers. I gave a workshop each quarter during 4 years where about 500 economists and policy advisors on Curacao and in the Caribbean attended. Also it became easier to make publications like the Economic Outlook and Quarterly Bulletins, because our data and analysis was structured. From then on we were in the winning mood.
In a short time we became the center of intelligence on economic development of Curacao.
It even got better
Then the International Monetary Fund came to Curacao. With a Structural Adjustment Package. You know when the IMF comes to your country, you have to be on top of everything. Because we had a system working for us, we were able to calculate the effects of the whole financial package. We even advised on the implementation of a Sales Tax for Curacao, a whole new policy measure. Next to the IMF, the Worldbank designed a policy focussed on the tourism industry. We were also involved in the calculation of that package.
In summary, from starting with the system, I produced almost 100 quality policy advices in just 4 years. Our influence spread to other organizations.
Improve the system

At the height of my career on Curacao, the Prime Minister asked me to work for her. In the National Recovery Bureau. I worked two months for her but other duties called. I had to move to the Netherlands. Changed jobs. I got a better paid job. Because when I showed them the macro economic model during my job interview, they said: If you can build that, you are in. So I became a business analyst working on a trade floor checking on many traders in energy products in the Netherlands.

Different environment, but same complexity of data as on the small island I came from. I never forgot the system and principles I learned. While working in the private sector for several  companies in dynamic environments (energy companies, banks, government, marketing and trading), I improved the system with focus on project and task management.

I learned that once you have your data and information organized, you could analyze more complex information and manage multiple projects. Instead of policy projects I had to manage business projects. It does not matter whether you work for the government or a private organization. I also learned how to manage the processes around me and to use internet technology to get my job and projects done smarter. In the last 10 years I learned how the internet can help a policy advisor, knowledge worker and projectmanager get the work done.

After completing many interesting projects as a project- and program manager in Europe, I returned to my home Curacao.

So that’s my  story, up till now. In a nutshell. What does that mean for you?

I want to share this knowledge with you.

I had to make mistakes. I had to feel the pressure, miss the deadlines, feel the stress. Not able to deliver for the many stakeholders. But this does not have to be like this. I know a system and a way of working on a policy department, that can get you out of that zone. You can be on top of your work. You can excel.

That’s why I choose to become a trainer and coach for policy advisors like you in small island economies. My mission is to teach policy advisors and their managers in the 51 Small Island Economies in the world everything I know. But be sure, it is not going to be a stressful experience. I have created a nice experience and service where you are alowed to make mistakes. You are allowed to play and experiment. I give you everything I know so you can succeed. I combine the use of internet technology, because on small island economies technology can give you the edge.

I have been there, I know what I talk about, I know what challenges you have. People say, I am generous, I give more than I take, in each interaction. My mission is to help you get to the next level to achieve your goals.

So in summary you can:

  • You have a system to organize all your relevant data, and always have the overview of what is relevant and important?
  • You know exactly which tasks you need to do this week, next week or this quarter to reach your goals?
  • You can manage the expectations of your stakeholders and customers in your organization and outside your organization?
  • You can scan and forecast important trends and developments in your business, so the future is more secure?
  • You could produce quality reports  and presentation with reliable data?
  • Your projects run smoothly?
  • You could go home early and spend valuable time with your family and you do more in less time?
These questions were hunting me at the beginning of my career and now I know how it works.

So what do you do now:

If you want to start a conversation with me you can link with me on Linkedin, on Facebook via my business site Policy in Paradise. You can follow me on Twitter or send me a question you are having in your mind and can’t solve. You can download the free macro economic model of Grenada to get a feeling of what is possible. If you want to receive my updates with free information to help you in your day to day job, please subscribe to my newsletter. Go to the homepage and fill in your name and email and you will get a free masterclass.