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Profile Calmera Ltd

Calmera Ltd ( coaches and trains policy advisors in small Caribbean economies. Calmera Ltd delivers face to face workshops on site on Caribbean islands and also provides online trainings for policy advisors.


It has delivered training projects for the Department of Economic Affairs Transport and Telecommunications of Sint Maarten, the Department of Youths and Sports of Sint Maarten, the Department of Economic Development of Curacao, the Office of the Prime Minister of Grenada and the Department of Labor of Aruba. Also it has given several trainings for clients of Micro Macro Consultants in the Netherlands (e.g. Zambia, Croatia, Suriname, Aruba and Namibia).

Calmera Ltd has organized a Caribbean Conference on Small island economies in Curacao, with participation of experts from Sint Maarten, Aruba, Curacao and the Netherlands.

Besides face to face workshops Mr. Runy Calmera also works with policy advisors after the workshops to deliver online training (though video and Skype sessions) and assistance of policy advisors through the teleworking formula. Complex calculations, and publications can be sent to Mr. Calmera for review.

Calmera Ltd has made demo models for the economies of Sint Kitts and Nevis and Grenada.

Below are some pictures of Mr. Runy Calmera in action during workshops:

Photo 1 Statiistics and DEATT

The following shows the members of the core modeling team of Sint Maarten.               From left to right, Mr. Len Dijkstra (former member), Mr. Runy Calmera (consultant),         Ms. Shiraz Karsowidjojo, Ms. Maurette Antersijn and Ms. Wendy Jack (policy advisors and statisticians) of the Department of Economic Affairs Transport and Telecommunications of Sint Maarten.    

Photo 2 Erica Radjouski

 Ms. Erika Radjouski,Senior Policy advisor Sint Maarten

PHoto 3 Lucy Richardson                        Ms. Lucy Richardson,  Head of the Department Economic Affairs Tourism Transport and Telecommunication, Sint Maarten

Workshop with the Sint Maarten Hotel and Tourism Association and                                 Tourism Bureau on Monday 3rd of October 2011

Photo 4 Sint Maarten Hotel and Tourism Association

Mr. Gus Priest, Mr. Emile Lee and Mr. Robert Dubourcq attended the meeting session for the tourism stake holders. In the afternoon Maurette and Shiraz started with a presentation how the Statistical office wants to make a survey about how long tourists stay on Sint Maarten.

Photo 5 Ministry of Finance

Workshop with Ministry of Finance

 Tuesday 4th October 2011

Meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Finance. The Secretary General of Finance was present with her staff. Also the head of the Statistical office joined the meeting. We discussed the data gaps and the need of most recent fiscal data. Also we discussed how we have constructed for the time being the preliminary Government Financial Statistics out of the budget figures of 2011.

Photo 6 Ministry of Health, Social Security Bank and Ministry of Labour Affairs

Workshop with Ministry of Health, Social Security Bank and Ministry of Labour Affairs

Wednesday 5th October 2011

Participants from the ministry of Health, Social Security Bank and the Ministry of Labour affairs on Sint Maarten. The minister of Health Mr. de Weever was also present. The standard presentation was given by Erika, Maurette and Shiraz of the Core macro economic modeling team. The new Labour and Income module (tax module) was presented to the participants. Mr. Runy Calmera showed how the purchasing power can be further split for different income groups.

Photo 7 Ministry of Finance and Mr De Weever The workshop of the Minister of Finance Mr. Shigemoto (third from left). Secretary General Mr. Miguel de Weever (second from right)

On Wednesday 9 November 2011, a member of the core modeling team presented the model to senior officials. Several people were present including the minister of Finance Mr. Hiro Shigimoto. The people were from the tax department, from the Minister’s Cabinet and the Ministry of Finance and the Secretary General Mr. de Weever. The head of the department gave an introduction of the model and the macro economic project. Ms. Erika Radjouki, member of the core modeling team gave her presentation about the international developments, the economic outlook and two scenarios.

Photo 7.5 Erika Rajouski and Lucy Richardsson Prime Minister

Mr. Runy Calmera, Ms. Erika Rajouski, Ms. Lucy Richardson (head of the department) after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, November 2011 on Sint Maarten, where the model was presented to the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers by a member of the macro economic modeling team.

Photo 8 Certificate Youth Monitor Research

Mr. Runy Calmera giving a certificate to a participant of the workshop Youth Monitor Research given on Sint Maarten for the Department of Youths and Sports.

Photo 9 Workshop Policy Advisors Youth Monitor Research

Mr. Runy Calmera with the team of policy advisors from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, during the Workshop on Youth Monitoring Research on Sint Maarten.

Photo 10 Jude Houston Preparing macro model

Mr. Jude Houston, project coordinator of the macro economic model Smaartmodel of Sint Maarten, in a one to one workshop with Mr. Runy Calmera. Mr. Houston is preparing his presentation for his meeting with the Minister of Economic Affairs.

Photo 11 Caribbean Conference on Small Island Economies on Curacao

Presenters of the Caribbean Conference on Small island economies in Curacao. In this mini conference participants from Suriname, Curacao, the Netherlands and Sint Maarten participated and discussed economic developments and their models. The conference was organized by Calmera Ltd.