We have asked Dr. Miguel Goede, one of our teachers, who just published his book Curaçao 3.0 to make a test to check if you are 3.0 or your organization is 3.0. Being 3.0 will help you make you realize your dreams. Being 3.0 can help you progress in your job. Being 3.0 can make your organization more effective. Especially small businesses have many advantages when they become 3.0.

There are two tests. Both are free. First do the personal one and if you also have a business or are working in an organization you can do the test for your organization. You will get your score directly after the test and a suggestion for next steps to take.

Your information will not be shared with anyone.
If you do one of the tests we will put you on our mailing lists for free tips about inspiration and realization and on the email list of Miguel Goede.


Are you 3.0? Do the test here:

Is your organization 3.0? Do the test for your organization here:


I’m very curious how many people are 3.0 on Curaçao.

If you have any suggestions to improve the test, let us know by contacting us on this website.

Now, click and check if you are 3.0

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